Is there a God? Who is God? Proof Of God!

25 Jan


    The Theory of Bee’s and Flowers

Hello friends 🙂 On this post we will discussing the controversial theories behind the natural relationship between Bee’s and Flowers using apologetics to help answer the question, “Is there proof of God?”

Is the relationship between the Bee Kingdom and the plant world a result of evolution or specific design?


Bee’s are very important to the worlds ecosystem. You can consider them one of natures “mini farmers” The bees pollinate flowers of all types of vegetation that are consumed by other living things such as Man and animals. Bees have been cultivated and used by humans for thousands of years for the purpose of pollinating exorbitant; copious amounts of crops in a short time. There is no better way to pollinate a huge amount crops faster than the bee. A bees genetic structure is specifically designed for the sole resolve of plant procreation. Bees have hairs on the body that produce static electricity when bees flap there wings. The static electricity makes pollen from the flowers stick to the bees hair. On a bee’s leg are little pockets called corbicula that bees push the pollen into as the go from flower to flower. The reason a bee flies from flower to flower is to collect nectar for its hive and it store the nectar in it’s stomach not the pouches on it’s legs. So is a Bee born knowing that it’s supposed to pollinate flowers? Well they sure don’t eat it! Not to mention that Bees are color blind. They don’t see color like you or I, Bees see in black and white and are attracted to bright objects and sweet smells such as a flower pedals (which is why a bee will mess with you while wearing a sweet fragrance and a bright white shirt).


Flowers are a stage many plants go through when they have reach maturity. A flower is a sign that the plant is ready to reproduce. Most flowers grow both male and female components on one plant. Even though a single plant can have both male and female reproductive parts, it cannot fertilize itself. A flower’s male parts are called stamen and the female part is called the pistil. The Stamen produce pollen and the pistil produces seeds in it’s ovaries. Pollen works the same as spermatozoon (semen), it carries the genetic code from one plant and is placed in another for procreation. The pollen from the stamen comes  in contact with the stigma which is part of the pistil and fertilizes the seeds. Most plants cannot fertilize themselves so the pollen must somehow get to a different plant of the same species. That is where the Bee comes in to play. Many flowers produce brightly colored pedals, sweet smells, and make nectar just to attract a pollinator like a bee.

So how does the connection between Bees and Flowers answer the question, “is there a God?” Believe it or not, it is their connection alone that helps to prove intelligent design. What most people forget is that evolution is based on a genetic change forced by a creatures own intelligence (their will to change). That is why evolution is based on survival of the fittest. Creation is based on nature having a specific design which would mean that a higher intelligence is responsible for life and the existence of the universe. A plant has no intelligence, cannot feel pain or any emotion and has no thought process because it has no brain. Regardless of this fact, it is the plant life’s responsibility to emit the oxygen we need to breath. Evolution would suggest that plant life accidentally developed this complex system. The plants themselves have no idea what they look like, smell like, or how they churn out nectar and yet they do so much and life could not function without them. It may be hard to believe that these things accidentally happened on their on. Besides, you can’t just say that bees and plants accidentally evolved together because there are other lifeforms responsible for the up keep of plan life. Take for example an Earthworm. An Earthworm is not an insect it is an animal. It does nothing except eat dirt, but after the dirt is digested by the worm it excretes fertile soil, and that is the worms main function. Without smaller life forms like worms to fertilize the dirt the plants cannot grow.

Which ever choice you decide to make whether it is evolution or creation please make sure that you research for yourself.

If you do believe in God but want to know, “Who is God?” then may I suggest “Master Science” by Meek Godmanseed. It is a powerfully convincing book about Christian Apologetics. It covers the history of God in convincing ways that you may seen but never understood before and show proof the bible is true. You can Get the book for only $9.99 or the E-book for only 99 cents. or get your copy now from

4 Responses to “Is there a God? Who is God? Proof Of God!”

  1. Prometheus January 26, 2012 at 5:38 am #

    I believe that everything you have described can very easily be explained by the theory of evolution.

    I also don’t see why you believe evolution to be so in conflict with the existence of god.

    • cwinstien January 29, 2012 at 4:39 am #

      There are too many missing links in the theory of evolution. Besides, the belief in “chance” beyond impossible odds is no different from believing in the supernatural. I believe the theory of evolution is no less religious than any other belief or faith but I do believe that everyone is entitled to their belief. Thank you for your comment 🙂

      • Prometheus January 29, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

        I think you are misunderstanding a bit about evolution: it’s not “chance beyond impossible odds,” (if the odds were impossible they never would be met) it’s actually a probabalistic process which improves fitness over time and can be modeled mathematically. the way it works out it’s actually far more likely that life increases in complexity than not, so it’s really not much of a matter of chance in the big scheme.

        I’m still concerned about why you think evolution is incompatible with God. I understand that you don’t believe in evolution but all I really want to know is why you think god can’t exist if evolution’s true.

      • cwinstien January 30, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

        Well I am sure that your are a bit more seasoned when it come to the concept of Evolution but it is easy to say I misunderstand evolution. Last time I told you that there are a lot of missing links in the theory of evolution. When I said that, I meant the lack of physical evidence. Nothing is evolving at this time and there is no physical evidence of the many animal species that evolved from several *species of fish with lungs and feet *(that by all logic should still be around) to several *species* of half man half apes and all of the other species in between that should still be around. If you do not understand I have attached a copy of Richard Massey and Missing Link. Besides for something as complex as a molecule to come into existence by chance is no more impossible than a laptop computer appearing on my desk out of nowhere by chance, but in a way you are right because nothing is impossible for God. The question is, Why don’t you believe in an intelligence greater than the universe. I believe that Evolution is also a theory of creation because it is the thought that the universe created itself. I think that evolutionists and creationists should come together to figure out the truth. If there was a chance that we did evolve it would still require the involvement of a greater intelligence.

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